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Uzuri Asili is a Luxury Holistic Brand.
That creates all natural skincare products with a holistic approach that nourish mind body and spirit.
At Uzuri Asili we promote a balanced life, through holistic healing methods and self love.
Our range of all natural, ethical, plant based, vegan friendly products allow users to experience the joys of pampering and pleasure of self healing.
Uzuri Asili prides itself on taking a holistic approach in creating divine handmade all natural skincare products.

At Uzuri Asili we promote a balanced lifestyle, through holistic healing methods and self-love. Our range of all natural, ethical, plant based, vegan friendly products allow users to experience the joys of pampering and the pleasure of self healing. Natural talents in aromatherapy and herbal-ism flourished, resulting in divine products that have aided me to re-balance, heal and increase self understanding. Uzuri Asili reflects passion love and beauty. We represent authentic natural beauty, inside and out. Uzuri Asili translates to The Natural Beauty in Swahili and was inspired by the rediscovery and relearning of self. 

Join us on this divine journey into peace, love and harmony. 

Uzuri Asili




  • Goddess Shimmer Oil

    Goddess Shimmer Oil Auric Gold - Sweet Orange 50ml Goddess Shimmer Oil is the ultimate embodiment of goddess energy. Giving you a subtle glisten and glow for any occasion day or night, beach or home let the goddess energy flow. Designed with a combination of healthy hydrating oils, that keep your pores free and open. Allowing the skin to breath with ease. This light weight, dry finishing oil is suitable for both body and face. Which is also buildable for an extra dose of radiance. Small but powerful a little goes along way. This Goddess Shimmer Oil is Mutli dimensional in its uses - Body Moisturiser - Face Serum - Bath Oil - Massage Oil Goddess Hydrate, Glow and Flow As this is an all-natural product of mother nature, separation will occur. Please shake well before each use. Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Orange Oil Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Microspheres and Mica Pigment.

    £ 25
  • The Love Box

    Give yourself the love you deserve, with our Love Box. A beautiful box full of indulgent goodies to help promote self love. All items can be used to create your own self love ritual. Includes: 1 x Love Mist - Rose & Geranium & Rose Quartz - 50ml 1 x Love Oil - Rose & Jasmine – 50ml 1 x L.O.V.E Bath Salts - Jasmine & Rose - 250g 1 x Vanilla Love Scrub - 250g 1 x Mini Love Candle - Rose & Melissa 3 x Organic Rose & Chamomile Tea Bags

    £ 50
  • African Black Soap

    African Black Soap natures best soap as it has the ability to cleanse, purify and moisturise the skin without being too harsh. It is great for those who have sensitive or delicate skin. As it contains Shea Butter it is benefit rich in vitamin E and A which help to soften the skin and keep it strong and healthy; it is also known to help ease blemishes and fight acne. In addition to this the roasted cocoa pods act as a natural alternative to micro beads giving a light and gentle exfoliate. African black soap is suitable for both face and body. When you buy our Raw African Black Soap, you are helping to support a Ghanaian community who make and produce our soap. Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Pods

    £ 8

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